Living the right life

Just when you think you are doing things right and serving God and a higher purpose, you realize there is nothing else happening around you, it’s been days, months, ever years that allow you to grow spiritually but the rest is the same. And what is the same? is it love? loneliness? work? purpose in life? no changes?

If this sounds like you, more likely you are overspending your time on ideals that will leave you clueless or even empty. But how do you fill this emptiness and move forward and transform yourself and the ones around you?

The simple answer is, you need to take action. You need to realize that no matter what you do God will always be with you, he is not going anywhere, for as long as you are a good person, he will stay next to you, he will provide, he will guide, he will bring love, shelter, food, and all those things he knows we need. We don’t need to tell him. He knows. So just wait for that to happen while you conquer the world. But don’t keep waiting hoping the world will conquer you, that’s not how it works.

God rewards fearless people and feels compassion for the stagnant, for those who fear. But one way or the other, he will be there, it all depends on how many things you want to accomplish in such a little time frame.


Food for thought

When you think about your mission in life, what is it, really, have you ever thought about what you’re meant to be or say?
Don’t think too much, just say what’s in your heart, just make sure that anything that goes out helps other people and teaches goodness and you’ll be alright.
Karma sure exists, what better way to accumulate good karma and live happily ever after, and after.

What will happen tonight?

Tonight you will go into a deep state of relaxation in which you will see what’s going to happen to you next.
Not really.
Let me tell you what, it’s true, dreams tell truths not otherwise made conscious by you, however, don’t rely too much on them or on people who say they will explain them because only you know what it means or how it felt.
What was the first impression you got when you woke up?
What did you see?
Who do you think you saw?
Just ask yourself these questions, and then ask your heart, did I just dream it? or is there something I should know?

When it all ends

When the world ends, what are you going to do? Well, first of all let me clarify something. The world as a whole might not end “once and for all” but rather slowly and will cause lots of panic. Your world on the other hand will live until you end it. It’s really up to you, you decide whether your world will end or continue. It’s your decision, your own path.

What path should you choose? The path of righteousness. If you know there is something you are doing that you know is not right, stop doing it, simple as that. Just like an addiction to cigarette stops completely for someone who may have been diagnosed with lung cancer, don’t wait for a cancer to change your world. Don’t wait for a tragedy to change your society, don’t wait for global warming to end your future generations.

All you have for sure is the present, the present time, the present moment. As you’re reading this, you know what to do, you might not know, or you might have to organize your thoughts, but whatever it is you want to do, please, stop doing what’s not righteous and start doing good for other people, for the world, for your world.

It all starts with your head, your feelings, then it goes down, deep within your body, then it transfers into actions and then it’s reflected through the reactions of other people. Do good, be good.

Life outside of earth

When you think about earth, what do you think? Do you think it’s a ball of problems? a ball of mass? a ball of crazy people? a ball of crazy laws?… Believe it or not, we’re all crazy, including those who want to live in Mars.

Now, what do you think about Mars? is it the ideal planet to live in?
Here’s the reason why:
Humans have been wired up to depend on so many things to live so mundanely that living out of nothing to live in nowhere will be more than painful- especially when the people around them is as crazy or worse than they are.

If you’ve thought about leaving Earth, think again!

The end of the world

As the world ends, so we’ll do. It’s important to know that the world as whole has started to lose many significant parts and components that made it a “world”. It seems as if now there is no specific continuation of what belonging to somebody means. Everybody belongs to everybody, everybody is connected to everybody and sadly, no specific information is gathered from a specific place but rather from random sources.

The world is no longer a world per se. It’s a ball of same people, same cultures, sharing same responsibilities, aspiring for the same goals and so on. So what’s the problem with this? the problem is that in order for something to be balanced, there needs to be the equivalent to nothing to want something and the equivalent of everything to give it away. In other words, when the rich want to be richer and the poor also want to be rich, there is abuse, there is a danger of existence to the poor because the rich will always win. The same happens with everything, if she wants love and they all want love, all he has to do is use them or make them feel they’re loved while he gets what he wants unless of course there is one that doesn’t really want love and leaves him clueless… Or how about materialism, the more everybody wants an iphone, the more it needs to be had and the ones who have it, have to have the latest, while the ones who don’t have to do so too. What happens is that the ones who can’t afford it will go against other people’s will to have one and eventually stay in line for the new one which comes next. They might choose a phone over eating, they might choose a phone conversation over a real conversation, or they simply might want to die, cause they are so poor, they can’t afford an iphone.

I have no respect for people who condemn others to be who they’re not. But I also don’t have any respect for those who allow themselves to be treated like people they’re not. Stop publicizing your life like it’s a priority, your priority is to be happy, not a star.

Now, let’s go back to doomsday, the terrible day of death and change. Yes, we will die, but not everybody will. Now, how do you know who will die and who won’t? well, it really depends on what you want. If you want an iphone, go, die for an iphone. If you’d die for God, die for God, but if you die for something deeper than that, for something that really bothers you, for justice to be made, then go ahead, do it, but don’t hurt anybody, be good, because when you die a new life will start.

Sometimes being happy does not involve rich, elegant and attractive partners.

For the most part, people work they way up by trying to be who they’re not. They chase the best paid careers, buy the most luxurious cars and spend hours and hours trying to look very very attractive. Why is that? Does that mean they are not happy? or they want to be part of a society which they think will make them feel attractive, wanted, respected and most of all, loved..?

If this is you, stop dreaming. It doesn’t work like that. If you want to be a renown doctor, surgeon, artist or attorney, make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons, not for the money, and you will be happy.

How about those who get into nursing based on the quick money they will get? Oftentimes, they are miserable, they have to spend more than 8 hours, even 12, watching people die, waiting for death to come to these patients to take them away, they see abuse, they abuse, and they are abused as employees. But hey! they pay a lot so why not doing it?

You have the wrong priorities, and I’m not judging you, I’ve had them too. But thanks to that, I’ve suffered enough to know it is wrong to choose a career based on the money it can provide. You have to think about the happiness it can provide, and in the case of doctors, if you know you hate seeing people naked in front of you who look ugly due to a disease, then, stop being a doctor and start being a stylist, a fashion designer, a cosmetic surgeon, etc, but please, don’t mess up with people’s health just because you are in such a rush to pay your expensive items that you just don’t have time to hear what they want to say!

When it comes to partners, it’s the same, we’re taught to believe that we gotta choose the rich one, the smart one and most of all, the one that will make us happy. But what if he or she also makes other few people happy? what if they’re cheaters? what if they have horrendous sexual fantasies, or worst of all, what if they are abusers dressed up as angels?

Loving yourself is not about conforming to what society has taught you be. It simply means you are strong enough to fight and defend that person or those ideas that make you happy regardless of what others think. You’ll be the one working that job, sleeping with that partner, having that life, not them, not society, so stop dreaming, life is not like people want to make it seem.

Love is like a flower

Yes! it blossoms but it dies too! Love is not perfect, nor is it endless, it has a beginning, a tough period, a stable period, a boring period and eventually an end, be it because of death, be it because it simply ends. Now, what is love for you? why is love so important? why are these cupid-like companies getting richer and stronger while people suffer finding true love? Does it even exist? It sure does, but suffering exists too, effort exists as well, health issues definitely exist and other numerous things that come along loving somebody including home, family, money, friends, emotions, etc., sure exist!

Love is a big deal, you are either with the right person or you’re not. So, how to know if he or she is the right one and you’re not making mistakes?

No, they don’t have to be rich, no, they don’t have to be attractive and no, they don’t have to be popular. All they need to have is pure unconditional love for you, the kind that you rarely find, and be it ugly or poor or stupid, if they make you happy, take it and be happy and stop complaining.


Beauty is eternal, it’s deep within us, no matter how many surgeries you have or lack, you will always be beautiful as long as you have God in your heart. What is God? God is a force of energy so powerful it protects you and your loved ones from all kinds of suffering and makes you grow and perfect yourself to a point others dream of. Now, why do some people hate the fact that others believe in a God and they don’t? Well, they are not lucky enough to feel God’s presence, and the less people open their hearts to that powerful energy, the more we close the doors to it. On the contrary, the more people believe in it, the more goodness we will get, in other words, the less we believe, the more suffering we’ll get.

What is suffering and how to avoid it? God is your shield, whether you want to believe it or not, it is a shield. It protects from suffering, disease, unhappiness, abandonment, etc. I’ve mentioned it before and will continue to do so. God is all about happiness, stability, companionship, perfection, wisdom and love, if you don’t believe, try to think for a second about the most important things for you and you will realize that if you add God to it, just like a recipe, life will taste better.

Now, how to avoid suffering? ask God.

what to do when you’re happy? Thank God. Simple as that, you truly have to believe in order to manifest goodness and happiness around you. There are so many scientists and so much knowledge about so much stuff that there is just no space for God, he just doesn’t fit it, and that’s when we suffer.

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